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Project History Research

I have the highest qualification possible in history research. My history research capacity is complement by qualifications and scholarly experience in education, philosophy, and ethics.  My recognised expertise is the fields of Queensland social and intellectual history, the history of Queensland Protestant & Catholic organisations, Queensland state primary education, and Queensland Catholic secondary.  I am an authority on local history of the Brisbane Southside. I am the Director of the Brisbane Southside History Network. In my work in local and state histories I connect the patterns of ideas and behaviours to global historical trends. As senior historian, I am very well read in world history in the nineteenth and twentieth century.  I have an extremely good grasp of Anglo-American philosophies and continental existentialism during the twentieth century and the wide-ranging influences of these intellectual movements in popular culture.

History Project Management  

I have over five years’ experience in managing medium to large history project, usually four to six major projects annually.  In this period I have been a manager of a team of four to five professional workers, historians and technical support workers. Large projects in local history of the last three years have seen the successful management of grants from the Brisbane City Council worth around $10,000. As one of the first Q ANZAC 100 Fellows, I am currently managing  grant project worth $14,000.

Project History Writing

As a former speechwriter, former academic, and now an independent scholar, I have twenty years of post-doctoral experience in producing publications at most levels of the reading population. I am particular skills in combining analytical discussion, general narrative, statistical summaries, and meta-reflective commentary.  I have written and published manuscripts from 500 words to more than 150, 000 words.

Short Analytical Research Reports in History

In the last six years, I have been commissioned produce short research reports on pastoral holdings, teachers’ records, family records, criminal records, and war service records, in the Queensland context.

Archival Database Management

In the last four years, I have provided the Ashgrove Historical Society, the Bulimba District Historical Society, and the Sunnybank District History Group the service of archival database management. This work involves the design of a MS Access database management to hold records in the digitalisation of the old hardcopy archives, and the training of volunteers to scan records and maintain their own local history database.