Status Points of Neville Douglas Buch. 1961-future

  1. Born 15 July. Two days after mother (Dorothy Ellen Buch 1924-2019) and father (Douglas Wilfred Buch 1926-2017) moved into the new family home at 77 Orange Grove Road, Coopers Plains QLD 4108.



1967-1968. Member. Methodist Order of Knights. Coopers Plains.



  1. School under 7s rugby player. Coopers Plains.



1968-1971. Member. Cubs Scouts. Coopers Plains.



1977-1978. Member. Boys Brigade (Baptist). Salisbury.



  1. Salisbury High School Theatre Production, ‘Superman’ (role of a London Bobby).



1978-1981. 3rd tier local rock band (e.g. ‘Isaiah’). rhythm guitarist.



1979-1980. David Jones, Queens Street. Shop Assistant (Hardware, Kitchenware).



  1. Expo ’80. Axillary Planner (mapping).



  1. Alcorn College Biloela-Blackwater-Emerald-Roma Trip. Student Missioner.



  1. Teen Challenge. Koinonia Drug Rehabilitation Residential Centre. Male Councillor.



  1. Zondervan Bible Encyclopedia Door-to-Door and Christmas Cards Salesman (Lost Year to a Pentecostal Scam).



1984. Safeway, Mount Gravatt. Night Packer.



1984-1985. Ariel Student Accommodation-Discipleship Group, Glad Tidings Tabernacle. Informal Student Manager.



1984-1985. Member. Student Life (UQ).



  1. Christian Forum (UQ). Facilitator.



1986-1987. Member. Religious History Association (RHA).



1986-1987. Brisbane City Council. Brisbane City Hall Library. Librarian Assistant.



  1. Member. Oral History Association of Australia (Queensland).



  1. Awarded B.A. Honours (2nd). Thesis Scholar.



1987-1988. Member. Waiters Union (Tear Australia).



1988-2016. Ruth Elizabeth Buch. Faithful Husband.



  1. Australian-Bangladesh Flood Charity Dinner (Tear Australia). Organiser.



1988-1989. Journey magazine, Uniting Church Queensland Synod. Journalist.



1989-1996. Member. Australian Democrats.



  1. Child Protection Agency (Qld). Nightwatchman. Lost Year. Part-Time M.A. Studies.



1991-1992. Ph.D. Research Tour of the United States: West Coast, Mid-West, East Coast, The South. Partnership with Ruth.



  1. Friends-‘Family’. Baynes Street Household.



  1. Elder Daughter Born. Genevievre Rachel Ellen Buch.



1994-1995. Department of History, UQ. Tutor.



1994-1996. Member. Evangelical History Association Inc. (Australia).



1994-1997. Member. Australian Historical Association.



  1. Awarded Ph.D. Thesis Scholar.



1995-1996. Member. Professional Historians Association (alternative to the QHI).



1995-continuing. Member. Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA Inc.).



1995-1998. Brisbane Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship. Founding Convenor.



  1. Awarded Dip. Ed. Taught Brisbane Girls Grammar School.



  1. Australian federal election, Australian Democrats. Pamphleteer.



  1. Queensland Education Department. Contract Teaching. Toogoolawah State High School.



1997-1998. Office of Vice-Chancellor, Griffith University. Research Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor.



1998-2008. Office of Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne. Research Officer.



1999-2007. Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA Inc.). Melbourne Branch Convenor.



  1. Younger Daughter Born. Marguerite Rose Buch.



2005-2008. The Melbourne Model, The University of Melbourne. Member. Melbourne Model Communication Team.



  1. Member. Parents and Citizens Committee. Bundoora Secondary College.



2008-2009. Queensland University of Technology, Law Faculty, Senior Administration Officer (Learning and Teaching).



  1. Queensland Education Department. Contract Teaching. Runcorn State College, Stretton State College, Whites Hill State College.



  1. Member. Toastmasters Club (West End).



2009-continuing. Member. Australian Historical Association.



2009-continuing. Member. Professional Historians Queensland Inc.



2009-continuing. History Consultant. Sole Trade Business. ABN: 86703686642.



2010-2015. Member. Parents and Citizens Committee. Junction Park State School.



2010-2016. Federal Government Paid Carer. Ruth Elizabeth Buch (died, 17 December 2016).



2010-2017. Professional Historians Association (Q1d). Member of the Management Committee and PHA (Qld) e-bulletin editor.



2012-2019. Member. Oral History Association of Australia (Queensland).



2013-continuing. Member. Brisbane History Group Inc.



2015-continuing. Brisbane Southside History Network. BSHN Director.



2016-continuing. Member. Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society.



2016-continuing. Brisbane Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship (under Helen Jeays’ Leadership; led Ruth’s funeral). Consultant and Occasional Speaker.



2017-continuing. Member. Brisbane Catholic Historical Society.



2018-continuing. Member. Australia and Aotearoa NZ Public History Network (AANZHPN).



2019-continuing. Member. Australian Association for the Study of Religion.



2019-continuing. Member. Religious History Association (RHA).



2019-continuing. Member. International Society of Intellectual History (ISIH).



2021-continuing. Member. International Standing Conference for the History of Education. (ISCHE).



2021-continuing. Member. Evangelical History Association Inc. (Australia).



2021-continuing. Member. Australian Policy and History Network.



2021-continuing. Member. Humanist Australia.



2022-continuing. Southern Brisbane Suburban Forum (Southern Forum). President.



2022-continuing. Member. Australian and New Zealand Studies Association of North America. (ANZSANA).



2023-2024. Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA Inc.). Vice-President.



2023-continuing. Member. The Australian Sociological Association. Sociology of Education.



2023-continuing. Member. Association of University Lecturers in Religion and Education (AULRE).



2023-continuing. Member. The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland Ltd.



2023-continuing. Humanist Brisbane (local group of Humanist Australia). Organiser.



2024-continuing. The Australian Sociological Association. Sociology of Education. a Thematic Group Convenor.



2024-continuing. Humanist Australia. a Board Director.



2024-continuing. Journal Editor, Head of Editorial Committee. Brisbane Catholic Historical Society.



2024-continuing. Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA Inc.). President.



2024-continuing. Member. Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland (FAWQ).