Nietzsche and Methods of History – Being Active

Nietzsche and Methods of History - Being Active In John Armstrong’s short book, “Life Lessons From Nietzsche”, extracts from the nineteenth century philosopher are used to provide honest consolation. Today, I found a strong sense of honest consolation in the chapter which looked at Nietzsche’s essay, “Use & Abuse of History”. The importance of the......
By Neville Buch | May 27, 2017 | Article

Interrelation of Ideas on Consciousness and Reality

Although it is not apparent from the philosophical subject matter, this essay is a plea for historians to find the compatibility, for the writing of public history, of the personal and the social. More fashionable historiographies of memoir, oral history, biography, are driving the conversation of history into solipsistic direction.  It is the opposite extreme......
By Neville Buch | October 26, 2016 | Article

Brewer’s Insights on Popular Historiography

Why the Confusion Over Professional History? Brewer’s Insights on Popular Historiography Brewer’s Famous Quotations Introduction It is very difficult to communicate the art, the discipline, the profession of history to those who never have been immersed in it. There is much confusion about serious reflection on history because the idea of history, in the general......
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Book: No Regrets in the Evening of Life

Although a history of Junction Park State School, it is a larger study in the local history of the Annerley-South Brisbane districts, and a socio-political history of Queensland primary school education; with over 150,000 words, and over 1,400 endnotes. The book, in various details, addresses the intersection of 83 historical topics and this unique primary......
By Neville Buch | January 30, 2016 | Publication

The Concept of Race in Writing Social History

How far would you take the concept of race in writing a social history? The problem is that the concept sits much on appearance, and, in the twist of discussing the idea of race, it is too easy to have the appearance of being racist, the stance where the racial category has more importance than......
By Neville Buch | January 19, 2016 | Article

A Queensland Educationalist Historian Remembers History Educators H.R. Cowie and Ian Gray

  Isn’t it the way, the historian is the last to know on contemporary events; so consumed in research and writing on years gone-by and places very distant to where we are now?  I popped my head up to read the “National Archives of Australia, Brisbane Office Consultative Forum Minutes of Meeting, Wednesday 29 July......
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Under the Skin – Human Passion & Reason in War & Peace

Dr Neville Buch gave his talk at the QANZAC 100 Fellows - Under The Skin, where he shared the views of eight (8) Queensland thinkers during the time of World War 1.  His publication can be found here and the website with more information such as the scatterplot can be found at History and Philosophy......
By Neville Buch | July 24, 2015 |

Thinking Historiographically

View Larger Image The average person thinks about history in terms of a sense of place. These are categories with markers – events listed in a chronology, names listed in a Who’s Who, or environmental features, including human constructs, in a list of locations. We usually categorize such markers on three levels, globally, regionally, and......
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'Oasis Gardens' at Coorparoo Historical Association

On 1 February 2014 Dr Neville Buch spoke to the Coorparoo & Districts Heritage Group on the history of The Oasis. On 3 August 2013 the Sunnybank District History Group hosted a very successful community memory event to mark 75 years since the opening of The Oasis Tropical Gardens in Sunnybank. Over 80 people squeezed......
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Who is Best to Write History in the Marketplace?

Original Article: Who is Best to Write History in the Marketplace? It is an important experience to hear what people actually say about history and historians, instead of what they want you to hear. It is not that difficult to prod some honest answers if you know where to look.  And so it came to pass......
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