Oral History Projects

I prefer not to conduct oral history projects. There are two project which have been completed :
  • The Betty Lohmann Interviews
  • The Dorothy Buch Interviews
I have completed four oral history interview sessions with Betty Lohmann, the two main interview sessions are of 50 minutes each. The temporary difficulty I am having is finding a software to edit the video clips to a manageable upload size.
I have been able to develop the Dorothy Buch interviews into a presentations by recording shorter segments. This meant that I didn’t have the technical difficulties in uploading.
The presentation of an oral history interview recordings with a history write-up and old photographs, delivered on a web page or another transferable media (e.g. Power Point, Movie Clip), can be tailored for other clients.
If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested, please let me know. Feel free to pass the link on to interested parties