Teaching Projects

The Brisbane’s Meet-Up ‘The Philosophy Café’ had originally organised by threesome of a café owner, a philosopher from the University of Queensland and an educationalist from the Queensland University of Technology. The community work was proving time-consuming for the paid academics and the café owner was facing a few challenges in the business, whereby the meet-up could not continue at the café. A colleague of my mine – another underemployed professional, a English teacher who ran the Brisbane Meet-Up ‘Classic Books’ – decided to take ownership of ‘The Philosophy Café’, with the agreement of the former owner. I agreed to come on-board as a joint-administrator and we organised monthly meetings at a café in Stones Corner. After a few months, my friend handed over the whole organisation of the group over to me. I came up with a seven month teaching program which combined prepared pre-meeting reading lists and materials with a lightly-facilitated group monthly discussion. Hence, there was a putting-together of a learning experience and an open forum to airing considered opinions and genuine questions.

The page here is to allow participants to access selected learning materials.

The Philosophy Café. Beyond Mere Opinion: What is the Philosophical Thought in the Humanities and Social Science, and its Practice in Society?

Philosophy in Society Essay

BIBLIOGRAPHY – Social Philosophy

Brisbane Meetup Intellectual Network

Communicating Ideas of Living During Covid 19

Brisbane’s 1918-1919 Global Pandemic


The Classics Books Club, Brisbane Meet-Up


A Literary History of Camus & His Plague (23 May 2020)


The Grapes of Wrath


Picnic at Hanging Rock

The Philosophy Café. Finding Philosophical Thinking in Understanding Society, Religion, Science, Politics, and Culture (Current)


Cultural Theory Reading [Final]


Religion & Science (PowerPoint Script)

Power & Theory (PowerPoint Script)


Power & Theory Essay

The Philosophy Café. Living Philosophy in Contemporary Times Program Series (August-December 2019)


01. Metaphysics Essay (15 Sept 2019)

02. Ontology Essay (13 Oct 2019)

03. Ethics Essay (10 Nov 2019)

04. Epistemology Essay (08 Dec 2019)


01. Metaphysics Readings (15 Sept 2019)

02. Ontology Readings (13 Oct 2019)

03. Ethics Readings (10 Nov 2019)

04. Epistemology Readings (08 Dec 2019)

The Philosophy Café. Living Philosophy in Contemporary Times Program Series (August 2019 – February 2020)


00. Where We Are At — Ancient & Modern Thought (Version 2)

05. Logic & Critical Theory Essay (8 March 2020)

06. Language Essay (12 April 2020)

07. Mind Essay (10 May 2020)

08. Sociology Briefing Note (14 June 2020)


07. Mind Readings (10 May 2020)

The Philosophy Café. Our Present and Philosophies in the History of Western Philosophy Program Series (December 2018 – July 2019)

The Philosophy Cafe and Manning Clark’s Historiography (Online Article)

Neville’s Organisation of Clark’s Short History (Download)

After the Age of Revolution for Australia (Download)

Summary on Clark’s Short History and the Age of Revolution (Download)

New Imperialism and Globalisation (Download)

New Internationalism and Cosmopolitanism (Download)

Cultural Pluralism and Modern Humanism (Download)