Local History Projects

There are two projects in an embryonic stage. One project around Coopers Plains, and other project around Sunnybank Hills. These are outer southern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.
My wife spent some of her childhood in Sunnybank Hills on a farm facing Pinelands Road. In the last year our family has made a home in the suburb, close-by the western end of Beenleigh Road.

Recently I have become active in the Coopers Plains History Group.

My family has had a long association with the area.  My father’s family moved into Coopers Plains in 1934.  My grandfather, Hans Buch (pictured above in my trademark), moved the family to Salisbury from Slacks Creek during 1933, while the house was built on his small hobby vegetable farm on Orange Grove Road.  They took up residency on the farm in the following year.
The family has had the same land, in some form, since that time. My father, Douglas Buch, had our home built in 1960 and still lives, with my mother (Dorothy), on Orange Grove Road.
I grew up in Coopers Plains, with my brother and sister, during the 1960s & 1970s.  My wife and I rented in Dartmouth Street for a brief period during the late 1990s.