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There comes the time to put the pieces of the past together and find meaning for ourselves and have a story to tell.

It is not as easy as one might think. It can also be extremely time-consuming, especially if you are not sure what records you need. There is also logic and art in writing a history from primary source material. Knowing which pieces, you need and how to put them together is the job of a professional historian.

Professional historians know where to find those missing pieces and are able to interpret accurately to produce precise & interesting narratives. All histories are like jigsaw puzzles, with the right pieces perfectly suited to fit together to show the entire picture. A professional historian is a person who puts that jigsaw puzzle together.

Neville is a passionate advocate for history and extremely diligent professional historian. He gives every project 100% commitment and uses his eye for detail to ensure all projects he undertakes are as perfectly put together as possible.

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Neville is a passionate advocate for history and extremely diligent historian.
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Dr. Neville Buch has a history Ph.D. and has also completed post-doctoral work in local community and institutional history projects, including histories of a Catholic secondary college, a state primary school, and Protestant & Catholic organisations. He has published several papers in an international reference book on historic places and history conference publications and is currently working as a professional historian.

Dr. Buch is a certified member of the  Professional Historians Association (Queensland). He is also the published author of two major school histories and has researched and written at a post-doctoral level. The first book is a 150,000-word tome, exploring the place of a 150-year-old primary school for the local community in inner Southside Brisbane. The second work is an 18,000-word coffee-table book on the 40-year history of St Thomas More College, in Sunnybank. He has worked in several professional capacities over two decades, as a secondary school teacher, university administrator, and higher education researcher.

Dr. Buch is an independent researcher in intellectual history, exploring influential social thinkers in Queensland’s past. In 2015 he was working as one of four Q ANZAC Fellows at the State Library of Queensland. He is also currently working on several major history projects. To stay up to date with all of Dr. Buch’s projects and literary works, please bookmark this website and stop by regularly for updates.

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  • History Project Management
  • Project History Writing
  • Project History Research
  • Short Analytical Research Reports in History
  • Archival Database Management

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Neville is a fellow member of the Professional Historians Association of Queensland. He is a member of the Management Committee, as Editor of the Association's eBulletin newsletter. Neville is an enthusiastic and concientious historian with the ability to at once see both the complex, strategic picture regarding complex historical questions, and the detail required to flesh out derived answers, at the same time. This is a trait developed by all good historians.
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