Historical Sociology

“Sociology began as a historical discipline, created by Marx, Weber and others, to explain the emergence and consequences of rational, capitalist society.”

The stories of historical sociology are today more complex examining the origins of social revolutions or mass movements, empires and states, inequality, gender and culture.

Dr Buch is one of the few Queensland historians who are also a recognised historiographer and sociologist.

Dr Buch’s most popular online essay is “Buch’s Historical Sociology Thesis: From Sociology of Knowledge to Sociology of Ideology and Networks”. The essay is actually a composition of thesis statements. For a fuller explanation, the work will need to be developed in book form, and is waiting upon the funding opportunity to develop the project further.

Among his well-regarded publications in this area are:

  • Interrelation of Ideas on Consciousness and Reality. drnevillbuch.com, 27 October 2017;
  • Nietzsche and Methods of History – Being Active. drnevillbuch.com, 27 May 2017;
  • Brewer’s Insights on Popular Historiography. drnevillbuch.com, 7 October 2016;
  • Do professional historians have a future? Honest History, 30 August 2016;
  • Thinking Historiographically. drnevillbuch.com, 24 July 2015;
  • Local History Value: An Annotated Bibliography. drnevillbuch.com, May 2015;
  • Why this war in this way? A note on the Great War’, Honest History, 28 August 2014.

See also ‘Networks & Schema History’.

About Dr Neville Buch

Neville Buch (Pronounced Book) Ph.D. is a certified member of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland). Since 2010 he has operated a sole trade business in history consultancy. He was a Q ANZAC 100 Fellow 2014-2015 at the State Library of Queensland. Dr Buch was the PHA (Qld) e-Bulletin, the monthly state association’s electronic publication, and was a member of its Management Committee. He is the Managing Director of the Brisbane Southside History Network.



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