Queensland History

There are a number of projects that I have been involved which explores an area of Queensland history.

Local History Projects

There are two projects in an embryonic stage. One project around Coopers Plains, and other project around Sunnybank Hills.

Institutional History Projects

Institutional History Projects Since the end of 2011 I have been heading up a working group to produce a history publication for the Junction Park State School, which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013.

Genealogical Projects

A large project which is being developed is the construction of a genealogy from the intersection of the Buch, Reid, Lohmann, and Stocker families.

Oral History Projects

There are two project which have been completed. The Betty Lohmann Interviews, and The Dorothy Buch Interviews

Intellectual History

The average person thinks about history in terms of a sense of place.

Personal History

To take a personal perspective and place it into the wide-ranging understandings of history (a loose generalisation) and histories (what we have at hand).

Teaching Projects

The Brisbane’s Meet-Up ‘The Philosophy Café’ had originally organised by threesome of a café owner, a philosopher from the University of Queensland and an educationalist from the Queensland University of Technology.