Genealogical Projects

Genealogical Projects

A large project which is being developed is the construction of a genealogy from the intersection of the Buch, Reid, Lohmann, and Stocker families.

This work is not being carried out at this website, but with the My Heritage software, and published at the My Heritage.Com Site. The ownership is called the ‘Lohmann‘ site, and my apologies to the rest of the families; it was a case of misunderstanding how the software/website worked, not realising that the program runs as a unity, and once named it could not be undone.

 It not only requires the entry of names and dates, but as much data-entry for information as we can collect on our family members. The software keeps a wide range of data, much more than what is published on the web site. To have a look, go to:

I owe much to the genealogical work that has already been done through Dorothy Buch, Betty Lohmann, Lynne Reid, Desley Polmear, and Arthur Ruckett.

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