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The Fourth Meeting of the Sunnybank District History Group (SDHG) is on Saturday 7 May, from 1 pm to 3 pm, at the large meeting room in the Sunnybank Hills Library (Level 2, Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town).
** Celine will discuss the work of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church History Project **
 Our vision is connecting local residents to the best descriptions and explanations of the past 

Report from the April 2016 Meeting of the Sunnybank District History Group
Beitscke spoke on her property history in the former Calamvale area, on Calam Road, now southern Sunnybank Hills. Topics covered were flooding, the introduction of modern drainage and curbing, the bus service, and the introduction and maintenance of power and garbage collection. Neville summarized the history of other parts of the old Calamvale area, with reference to the Parkinson Ward Oral History and residents living in the Beaudesert Road corridor, early land holdings in the nineteenth century and the Calam-Compton families in the early twentieth century, and  the first industries – the Browns Plains Timber Reserve and the pastoral run in Sheep Station Gully area. A sizable group attended the presentation, including several former residents of Calamvale, and a few more recent residents. Discussions included memories of Calamvale in the 1960s, 70s, and 1980s.

The program for the first half of 2016 will evolve around members’ own history projects. Our remaining program for the first half of the year is as follows:
7th May – Celine will discuss the work of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church History Project;
4th June – Neville will demonstrate the historical mapping of Sunnybank District on the Mapping Brisbane History Website;
2nd July – a consideration of history of the Early Ethnic Chinese Community in the Sunnybank District, details to be advised.

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Neville Buch (Pronounced Book) Ph.D. is a certified member of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland). Since 2010 he has operated a sole trade business in history consultancy. He was a Q ANZAC 100 Fellow 2014-2015 at the State Library of Queensland. Dr Buch was the PHA (Qld) e-Bulletin, the monthly state association’s electronic publication, and was a member of its Management Committee. He is the Managing Director of the Brisbane Southside History Network.

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