Essay 9 — Learning the Lessons for Teen Challenge Inc. Australia (1957-2020)

The final essay, an epilogue, reflects on the spiritual and organisational change for Teen Challenge Inc. from an objective-subjective summative intercourse. It is partial as an essay, and it is hope that the final book chapter will be able to bring it together better. These things are better accomplished in a conversation between the author and the readers.

The greatest challenge for a historian is to close the history and can only be fully accomplished in death.

Drug Rehabilitation (The Way, Koinonia, Family housed support, New Life Hope) and Education – Drug Prevention Program (Schools and Churches)

There are many workers and managers who need to be recognised in the history of Teen Challenge Inc. The closer one gets to the present the more challenging is the historical judgement. In this regard those who worked in the organisation heart of drug rehabilitation and drug education in more recent times need greater voice:

Nick Burns, North Queensland Rehabilitation Centre Coordinator, Teen Challenge Inc.

Stephen Shaw, North Queensland Rehabilitation Centre Coordinator, Teen Challenge Inc.

Craig Watson, Manager, Residential Treatment Services, Teen Challenge Inc.

Bob Engwicht, Manager, Residential Services, Teen Challenge Inc.

Tony Proud, Manager, Crisis & Long-Term Housing, Teen Challenge Inc.

Samantha Wedd, Manager, Support Group Counselling, Teen Challenge Inc.

Don Burgess. Rehabilitation Assistant, Teen Challenge Inc.

Bev Engwicht, Support Worker, Teen Challenge Inc.

Christine Galea, Schools Prevention Seminar Facilitator, Teen Challenge Inc.

Paula Cullen, High School Officer, Teen Challenge Inc.

There is much more to be said on the activities, such as the Adventure Based Programs, The Idea of Therapy, and education from Queensland Pedagogies (and research).

More significantly, is the impact on Teen Challenge Inc. on Queensland Society, from the perspective of the present. What happened in Social Justice and the Voice for the Voiceless Advocacy from 1971?

There is more to be said on the Organisation in terms of the New Governance and Administration, in particular the change of styles of governance, the legal protections, the relationship between the workers, management and governance, and what has become outreach in the branch programs.

Spirituality: Teen Challenge Inc. and the Holy Spirit Today.

For a Christian organisation born in the Charisma, finally, it is a question of Spirituality and the Holy Spirit Today. The Book will achieve this, but it will require deeper thinking shared by many more participants of Teen Challenge Inc.

Queensland Society: Beyond 2021

Are there any prophetic words to be added? Historians are reluctant to be prophets, however, the ‘future of history’ or future studies is a recognised field of learning. Such studies were offered as a course in the author’s undergraduate days, and that was just after the author worked for Teen Challenge Inc., a long time ago.

The future cannot be known, but the sense of its continued unfolding is there in the history of Teen Challenge Inc.

Figure 1. Heritage, Memory, Record, the History of Teen Challenge Inc. 93 Banks Street, Graceville, Today. One Historical Marker. Source: Dr Neville Buch Archive