The full SBSF Agenda for AGM-BBQ, Sunday 19 November 2023 (publish here, while work on SBSF website temporary suspended)



Email: [email protected]






Sunday 19 November 1-3 p.m.

Ray Lynch Park

Holland Park QLD 4121

(as of 11 November 2023, noon)


1.0 Welcome

The Southern Brisbane Suburban Forum (SBSF) acknowledges indigenous elders past and present and that first nations sovereignty was never ceded.


All are welcome. Be aware that the Forum is made up of persons with very different suburban agendas, but we all seek to have a suburban life which is sustainable in all civil agendas.


The role of the Southern Brisbane Suburban Forum Inc., which has been operated, for the last few years, as a local group of engineers, government bureaucrats, community development workers, and a sociological-philosophic historian as the current President, has been to be frank and open with the community on the suburban issues we all face together. The State and Council are not honest, many times, in their PR glossy pronouncements and official statements; some would disbelieve absolutely. Nevertheless, the Forum is made up of members from all communities which make up the Southern Brisbane suburbs, but many of those active members are experts across the many fields of the “urban”. This knowledge is millennia old and it cojoins the millennia-to-prehistory-old, indigenous, knowledge which first nations persons kindly share.


We  will not be divided by the State’s divide and rule tactics. The Forum believes in and practice



Be Kind to Everyone.


All are welcome to the BBQ and AGM Agenda


2.0 BBQ lunch/snacks with membership opportunity


Vegan and meat sausages, with or without onions, are available with a variety of breads including gluten-free and yeast-free. The BBQ chefs will endeavour not to get foods mixed up. Bring your own drinks.



Membership Forms are available and at the AGM there will be no membership fee. Please join the Forum.



3.0 AGM:

– President Presentation and election/re-election of executive and general committee members.


3.1 Short Reports from President, Secretary, and Acting Treasurer

The oral reports from officials for the 2022-2023 period will not be any more than five minutes each; shorter if possible. Fuller written reports will be available. If you wish a digital copy, email: [email protected] or [email protected]


3.2 Adoption of Previous AGM Minutes


The previous AGM minutes of 2 June 2022 is available. If you wish a digital copy, email: [email protected] or [email protected]


3.3. Nomination for President (Mandatory)

Neville Buch was nominated to fill the role of President. Open to other nomination followed by a vote to appoint.


3.4 Nomination for Secretary (Mandatory)

David Swift was nominated to fill the role of Secretary. Open to other nomination followed by a vote to appoint. Max Hooper was the Secretary during the 2022-2023 period but step down from the role.


3.5 Nomination for Treasurer (Mandatory)

The position is currently vacant. We invite nominations. A process to open a bank account with the President and Secretary has began (item in general business)


3.6 Nomination for Assistant Secretary (Optional)

In the 2022-2023 period the position was held by David Swift until appointed Secretary to replace Max Hooper.


3.7 Nominations for other positions: SBSF Web Manager (Optional)

David Swift to speak on the item.


3.8 Nominations for other voluntary positions (Optional)

If you have something you wish to contribute to the Forum, speak up and we will work out a way to accommodate a role for you.


3.9 General Business


SBSF Bank Account (David Swift as acting Treasurer)

SEQCA 2023 Community Planning conference (Elizabeth Harrison)

Population and Urban Concentration Policy as an Agenda Item for 2024 (Simon Cole)


All are welcome to speak to General Business in civil and polite discourse. If you know that you have an item, please email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Advance notice only assists in ensuring you are included.





The Forum recognises all communities on Southern Brisbane. A special recognition, however, is made of the local history organisations of the Brisbane Southern History Network.

Know your history