Not long after Marguerite and Sophie became friends, I had occasion to fetch Sophie home from the Buch house. In the front garden was Ruth, watering some new trees, her face gave a welcoming smile. We made small talk on that occasion, but I could tell Ruth was a kind, gentle and warm person. Over the next few years, there were many occasions where our families connected. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, and even on holidays

We became friends, and our daughters shared interests and drew us together. Ruth participated in every activity, every event, and as much as possible, life continued as normal, with normal family issues, interactions, ups and downs.

Ruth laughed, cooked, cycled, mothered, joked, planned, celebrated, encouraged, parented, advised, and participated in life in every way available. She succeeded in demonstrating great love for her family, genuine warmth of spirit for friends, and a graciousness very rare. Ruth was a very kind, and gentle mother, courageous and brave in her fight, amiable and beautiful in her manner.

There is no doubt Ruth will be missed, her loss will be felt most by her family…. But people like me will miss the friendship that could have been, perhaps should have been, and now, will not be…. Until we meet again.

Michelle Simpson, 24 May 2017