Anniversaries and commemorations come and go daily. Most of us, even the best historians, miss most occasions. If we think of history as events then we are faced with a continually showering in the grains of sand. Nevertheless, we do pick out certain patterns in the remembrance of historical dates. The blog here reminds us of some dates where the local, state, national, and global perspectives entwine.

On 9, Friday November 1894, Mae Marsh, American film actress, born (d. 1968)
On 9, Sunday November 1919, Felix the Cat appears in Feline Follies, marking the first cartoon character to become popular.
On 9, Sunday November 1919, Eva Todor, Hungarian-born Brazilian actress, born (d. 2017)
On 9, Sunday November 1919, Eduard Müller, Swiss Federal Councillor, died (b. 1848)
On 9, Monday November 1959, Tony Slattery, British comedian and actor, born
On 9, Sunday November 1969, A group of American Indians, led by Richard Oakes, seizes Alcatraz Island for 19 months, inspiring a wave of renewed Indian pride and government reform.
On 9, Sunday November 1969, Sandra Denton, African-American rapper, born
On 9, Sunday November 1969, Allison Wolfe, American musician, born
On 9, Friday November 1979, The Carl Bridgewater murder trial ends in England with all four men found guilty. James Robinson, 45, and 25-year-old Vincent Hickey are sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommended 25-year minimum for murder. 18-year-old Michael Hickey is also found guilty of murder and sentenced to indefinite detention. Patrick Molloy, 53, is found guilty on a lesser charge of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years in prison.
On 9, Friday November 1979, Nuclear false alarm: the NORAD computers and the Alternate National Military Command Center in Fort Ritchie, Maryland, detect an apparent massive Soviet nuclear strike. After reviewing the raw data from satellites and checking the early-warning radars, the alert is cancelled.
On 9, Friday November 1979, Caroline Flack, English television presenter, radio presenter, and model, born
On 9, Friday November 1979, Dania Ramirez, Dominican-American actress, born
On 9, Friday November 1979, Louise Thaden, American aviator, died (b. 1905)
On 9, Thursday November 1989, Lucinda Whitty, sailor, born
On 9, Thursday November 1989, Cold War and Fall of the Berlin Wall: Günter Schabowski accidentally states in a live broadcast press conference that new rules for travelling from East Germany to West Germany will be put in effect “immediately”. East Germany opens checkpoints in the Berlin Wall, allowing its citizens to travel freely to West Germany for the first time in decades (November 17 celebrates Germans tearing the wall down).
On 9, Thursday November 1989, Yıldırım Akbulut of ANAP forms the new government of Turkey (47th government).
On 9, Thursday November 1989, Gianluca Bezzina, Maltese doctor and singer, born
On 9, Wednesday November 1994, Priscilla Morrill, American actress, died (b. 1927)
On 9, Tuesday November 1999, Karol Sevilla, Mexican actress and singer, born
On 9, Tuesday November 1999, Mabel King, American actress and singer, died (b. 1932)
On 9, Monday November 2009, Clen Denning, 98, oldest living VFL/AFL footballer (Carlton, Fitzroy), died

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