Anniversaries and commemorations come and go daily. Most of us, even the best historians, miss most occasions. If we think of history as events then we are faced with a continually showering in the grains of sand. Nevertheless, we do pick out certain patterns in the remembrance of historical dates. The blog here reminds us of some dates where the local, state, national, and global perspectives entwine.

On 9, Saturday December 1843, Bishop’s University is founded as Bishop’s College by Bishop George Jehoshaphat Mountain in Lennoxville, Quebec, for the education of members of the Church of England.
On 9, Wednesday December 1868, The world’s first traffic signal lights are installed at the junction of Great George Street and Bridge Street in the London Borough of Westminster.
On 9, Wednesday December 1868, Fritz Haber born, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1934)
On 9, Wednesday December 1868, Ivan Regen born, Slovenian biologist (d. 1947)
On 9, Saturday December 1893, Ivo Whitton born (died 1967), golfer
On 9, Thursday December 1943, George Cooper died, American actor (b. 1892)
On 9, Thursday December 1943, Georges Dufrénoy died, French post-impressionist painter (b. 1870)
On 9, Tuesday December 1958, The right-wing John Birch Society is founded in the United States by Robert W. Welch Jr., a retired candy manufacturer.
On 9, Monday December 1968, Douglas Engelbart publicly demonstrates his pioneering hypertext system, NLS, in San Francisco, together with the computer mouse, at what becomes retrospectively known as “The Mother of All Demos”.
On 9, Monday December 1968, Kurt Angle born, American amateur and professional wrestler, 1996 Olympic gold medalist
On 9, Monday December 1968, Enoch L. Johnson died, American political boss and racketeer (b. 1883)
On 9, Saturday December 1978, Gastón Gaudio born, Argentine tennis player
On 9, Saturday December 1978, Jesse Metcalfe born, American actor
On 9, Friday December 1988, The last Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant roll off the assembly line in a Chrysler factory in the U.S.
On 9, Friday December 1988, Kwadwo Asamoah born, Ghanaian footballer
On 9, Thursday December 1993, Danny Blanchflower died, Northern Ireland international footballer and football manager (b. 1926)
On 9, Thursday December 1993, Mohammad-Reza Golpaygani died, Iranian Shia cleric (b. 1898)
On 9, Tuesday December 2008, Yury Glazkov, Russian cosmonaut (b. 1939), died.
On 9, Tuesday December 2008, Dražan Jerković, Croatian football player and manager (b. 1936), died.
On 9, Monday December 2013, Eleanor Parker, American actress (b. 1922), died.

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