Anniversaries and commemorations come and go daily. Most of us, even the best historians, miss most occasions. If we think of history as events then we are faced with a continually showering in the grains of sand. Nevertheless, we do pick out certain patterns in the remembrance of historical dates. The blog here reminds us of some dates where the local, state, national, and global perspectives entwine.

On 12, Wednesday May 1869, Carl Schuhmann, German athlete, born (d. 1946)
On 12, Saturday May 1894, Grand Duchess Catherine Mikhailovna of Russia, granddaughter of Tsar Paul I, died (b. 1827)
On 12, Monday May 1919, D. M. Canright, American Seventh-day Adventist minister and author, later one of the church’s severest critics, died (b. 1840)
On 12, Friday May 1944, WWII: Soviet troops finalize the liberation of the Crimea.
On 12, Friday May 1944, Sara Kestelman, English actress, born
On 12, Friday May 1944, Max Brand, American author, died (b. 1892)
On 12, Friday May 1944, Harold Lowe, British sailor, 5th officer of the RMS Titanic, died (b. 1882)
On 12, Friday May 1944, Arthur Quiller-Couch, British writer, died (b. 1863)
On 12, Friday May 1944, Edel Quinn, Irish Roman Catholic laywoman, missionary and venerable, died (b. 1907)
On 12, Tuesday May 1959, Ving Rhames, American actor, born
On 12, Monday May 1969, The Age newspaper in Melbourne begins the process of moving from Collins Street to Spencer Street. The move is completed on 6 October.
On 12, Monday May 1969, Kim Fields, American actress, born
On 12, Monday May 1969, Martin Lamble, British folk rock musician, died (b. 1949)
On 12, Saturday May 1979, Adrian Serioux, Canadian soccer player, born
On 12, Saturday May 1979, Rosario María Gutiérrez Eskildsen, Méxican lexicographer, died (b. 1899)
On 12, Saturday May 1979, Clyde Kluttz, American baseball player, scout and executive, died (b. 1917)
On 12, Friday May 1989, Eleftheria Eleftheriou, Greek-Cypriot singer and actress, born
On 12, Thursday May 1994, Erik Erikson, Danish-American developmental psychologist, died (b. 1902)
On 12, Thursday May 1994, John Smith, Scottish politician, died (b. 1938)
On 12, Thursday May 1994, Roy J. Plunkett, American chemist, died (b. 1910)
On 12, Wednesday May 1999, David Steel becomes the first Presiding Officer (Speaker) of the modern Scottish Parliament.
On 12, Wednesday May 1999, Saul Steinberg, Romanian-born cartoonist, died (b. 1914)
On 12, Tuesday May 2009, Treasurer Wayne Swan hands down the 2009 Australian federal budget.
On 12, Tuesday May 2009, The ABC receives an extra $136.4 million over three years from the 2009 federal budget to develop an advertising-free digital children’s channel (ABC3), and increase its production of local drama to 90 hours a year, a similar level to the amount required by the commercial networks. The budget also allocated SBS an extra $20 million over the same period to produce up tp 50 hours of new Australian content each year. This figure is significantly below the extra $70 million SBS were seeking per year.
On 12, Monday May 2014, Tom Hafey, 82, Australian rules football player and coach, died
On 12, Monday May 2014, Leroy Serisier, 86, politician, member of the New South Wales Legislative Council (1970–1978)., died
On 12, Monday May 2014, The Luhansk People’s Republic unilaterally declares its independence from Ukraine.
On 12, Monday May 2014, Marco Cé, Italian cardinal, died (b. 1925)
On 12, Monday May 2014, H. R. Giger, Swiss artist, died (b. 1940)

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