Anniversaries and commemorations come and go daily. Most of us, even the best historians, miss most occasions. If we think of history as events then we are faced with a continually showering in the grains of sand. Nevertheless, we do pick out certain patterns in the remembrance of historical dates. The blog here reminds us of some dates where the local, state, national, and global perspectives entwine.

On 7, Wednesday March 1894, Marcel Déat, French politician, born (d. 1955)
On 7, Friday March 1919, M. N. Nambiar, Indian film actor, born (d. 2008)
On 7, Tuesday March 1944, Michael Rosbash, American geneticist and chronobiologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, born
On 7, Tuesday March 1944, Townes Van Zandt, American country singer, born (d. 1997)
On 7, Saturday March 1959, Donna Murphy, American actress and singer, born
On 7, Saturday March 1959, Ichirō Hatoyama, Japanese politician, 36th Prime Minister of Japan, died (b. 1883)
On 7, Friday March 1969, Todd Williams, American long-distance runner, born
On 7, Wednesday March 1979, The largest Magnetar (Soft gamma repeater) event is recorded.
On 7, Wednesday March 1979, Stephanie Anne Mills, Canadian voice actress, born
On 7, Tuesday March 1989, Iran breaks off diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom over Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.
On 7, Tuesday March 1989, Gerald Anderson, Filipino actor, born
On 7, Monday March 1994, Christina Gao, American figure skater, born
On 7, Monday March 1994, Chase Kalisz, American swimmer, born
On 7, Monday March 1994, Jordan Pickford, English footballer, born
On 7, Sunday March 1999, Sidney Gottlieb, American intelligence official, died (b. 1918)
On 7, Sunday March 1999, Stanley Kubrick, American film director and producer, died (b. 1928)
On 7, Saturday March 2009, NASA’s Kepler Mission, a space photometer that will search for extrasolar planets in the Milky Way galaxy, is launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, USA.

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