Anniversaries and commemorations come and go daily. Most of us, even the best historians, miss most occasions. If we think of history as events then we are faced with a continually showering in the grains of sand. Nevertheless, we do pick out certain patterns in the remembrance of historical dates. The blog here reminds us of some dates where the local, state, national, and global perspectives entwine.

On 29, Tuesday May 1894, Josef von Sternberg, Austrian-American film director, born (d. 1969)
On 29, Thursday May 1919, Einstein’s theory of general relativity is tested by Arthur Eddington’s observation of the “bending of light” during a total solar eclipse in Príncipe, and by Andrew Crommelin in Sobral, Ceará, Brazil (confirmed November 19).
On 29, Thursday May 1919, The Republic of Prekmurje formally declares independence from Hungary.
On 29, Thursday May 1919, Jacques Genest, Canadian physician and academic, born (d. 2018)
On 29, Monday May 1944, Helmut Berger, Austrian actor, born
On 29, Friday May 1959, Gretchen, Brazilian singer, reality television personality, actress and businesswoman, born
On 29, Friday May 1959, Rupert Everett, British actor, born
On 29, Friday May 1959, Ed Walsh, American baseball player (Chicago White Sox) and a member of the MLB Hall of Fame, died (b. 1881)
On 29, Thursday May 1969, Cordobazo: A general strike and civil unrest break out in Córdoba, Argentina.
On 29, Tuesday May 1979, Brian Kendrick, American wrestler, born
On 29, Tuesday May 1979, Mary Pickford, Canadian Academy Award-winning actress and studio founder, died (b. 1892)
On 29, Monday May 1989, The Australian Labor Party in Tasmania signs the Labor–Green Accord with the Tasmanian Greens to form government.
On 29, Monday May 1989, Amid food riots and looting set off by inflation, the Government of Argentina declares a nationwide state of siege.
On 29, Monday May 1989, Boris Yeltsin gains a seat on the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.
On 29, Monday May 1989, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989: The 10 metres (33 ft) high Goddess of Democracy statue is unveiled in Tiananmen Square by student demonstrators.
On 29, Monday May 1989, NATO agrees to talks with the Soviet Union on reducing the number of short-range nuclear weapons in Europe.
On 29, Monday May 1989, An attempted assassination of Miguel Maza Marquez, director of the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS) in Bogotá, Colombia is committed by members of the Medellín Cartel, who kill four and injure 37.
On 29, Monday May 1989, Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson, Icelandic singer, born
On 29, Monday May 1989, Riley Keough, American model, born
On 29, Monday May 1989, Brandon Mychal Smith, American actor, born
On 29, Monday May 1989, John Cipollina, American musician (Quicksilver Messenger Service), died (b. 1943)
On 29, Monday May 1989, Giuseppe Patanè, Italian conductor, died (b. 1932)
On 29, Sunday May 1994, Erich Honecker, East German politician, died (b. 1912)
On 29, Saturday May 1999, Nigeria terminates military rule, and the Fourth Nigerian Republic is established with Olusegun Obasanjo as president.
On 29, Thursday May 2014, Ian Norman, 75, Australian business executive, co-founder of Harvey Norman, died
On 29, Thursday May 2014, Karlheinz Böhm, Austrian actor, died (b. 1928)

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