What Is History Meaning?

History is Events, People, Places, and Themes. That seems clear enough to most readers of history. What is less obvious and often missed is the meaning of Events, People, Places, and Themes, and thus the meaning of history. Many feel that in just mapping such elements and knowing where things fit chronologically, we have history. Nothing could be further from the truth. In such an outlook we have not really discovered history.

The Light of Ben Chifley

The 12 July 2020, just passed, was the 75th anniversary of Ben Chifley becoming Australia’s 16th Prime Minister, where he remained until 1949.   It is interesting times in Australian political history.  Chifley was Minister for Postwar Reconstruction from 1942 to...

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The Dirge for a Sentimental Bloke

‘The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke’, originally a poem novel by C. J. Dennis, tells the story of Bill, a larrikin of the Little Lonsdale Street push, who is introduced to a young woman by the name of Doreen. The book chronicles their courtship and marriage, detailing...

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Globalizing Horizon and the Social Imaginary

ID 144151396 © Agsandrew | Dreamstime.com   “…social theorists averted the previously dedicated gaze on a Spirit that moves amongst us in mysterious ways, and sought to shift our attention from a universalizing cosmology to a globalizing horizon where humans make...

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Conscious Existence:  Realistic or Romantic?

ID 144151396 © Agsandrew | Dreamstime.com I know I am a romantic, but a romantic invested in realism. It is probably not as unusual as assumed. I make a claim for reality and I understand that such a claim is far too romantic. We grasp for what we individually want...

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Is it Really about Being Radical or Not?

ID 9805130 © Chelovek | Dreamstime.com It is a big news day. As I write this blog, the Impeachment Vote is being carried out in the United States House of Representatives. It is a radical action; an action that seeks the root intention of the American constitutional...

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