On 1 February 2014 Dr Neville Buch spoke to the Coorparoo & Districts Heritage Group on the history of The Oasis.
On 3 August 2013 the Sunnybank District History Group hosted a very successful community memory event to mark 75 years since the opening of The Oasis Tropical Gardens in Sunnybank. Over 80 people squeezed into the meeting room at the Sunnybank Hills Council Library to hear speakers, including past leading groundsmen Denis Hundscheidt, Nick Reitsma, and former Manager Bill Smith, and to share their own memories.
When it was first opened in 1938 the recreational facility was surrounded by cultivated fields and was still obviously part of a farm. By World War II a fern house, a tearoom, a dance floor, and two more pools, were added. The big break for The Oasis’ commercial success came in 1942 when the business serviced as a rest and recreation venue for thousands of the American military personnel. After the war another pool was added as well as a butterfly and shell collection. The Oasis Tourist Gardens was among Queensland’s first premier amusement parks. Until its closure in 1989, The Oasis attracted national and international attention for its world-class gardens and reception lounge.
The Notes for The Oasis Presentation is available to download here. For further information, contact nbuch61@gmail.com

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Neville Buch (Pronounced Book) Ph.D. is a certified member of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland). Since 2010 he has operated a sole trade business in history consultancy. He was a Q ANZAC 100 Fellow 2014-2015 at the State Library of Queensland. Dr Buch was the PHA (Qld) e-Bulletin, the monthly state association’s electronic publication, and was a member of its Management Committee. He is the Managing Director of the Brisbane Southside History Network.

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