I had a minor car accident, I backed into my daughter’s parked car. It shocks me as I was utterly exhausted from work, and my attention elapsed — I have a reverse camera screen!

I decided I was too unwell to venture out.

People need to know this is the condition I am in as a poorly paid or unpaid scholar. If I do not have friends who are willing to speak up to authorities with power, I will be killed with this type of exhaustion.

That is a fact.

And I hope your kindness would extend to practical kindness.

And friends have been good to me, without a doubt.

Here is the story….

I have been heavily involved in a campaign to save my career as an independent researcher. I have been corresponding with the relevant QUT Faculty, across the Brisbane City Council, to the Premier, to the Minister of Education, and even to the Prime Minister.

The issues are like what charity organisations have been experiencing under cruel and reductive policies of government. Indeed, in my contracts with charity and community organisations, the cost I charge has been extremely low, under the professional rate, and that is how I want it to be. It is my own ethical commitment, knowing that these organisations could not afford to contract me to produce their history at professional rates.

As well, I am teaching across public gatherings engaged in public education unpaid.

It is a complex story, and I have added these documents to illuminate the problem which needs fixing:

1. Gmail – Contact with Education Academic 6 Apr 21

2. Gmail – The recent QUT students_ allotted project enquiries issue

3. Gmail to Premier – What is Wrong in Public Education and Funding Policy

4. Gmail to Prime Minister – What is Wrong in Public Education and Funding Policy

5. Gmail – FYI Result from Complaint Lodged (Lord Mayor Special Copy)

6. Gmail – Follow up to our conversation

7. Gmail – Michael Macklin Statement 10 April 2021

8. Email Letter to Councillor Vicki Howard 14 Apr 21

9. Amendment Statement to TF216529

10. Gmail – Please drive home the argument with the Lord Mayor 17 Apr 21

11. 2019-2021 Dr Buch Report on Business (Time and Worth)

12. 2020-2021 July-April Business Input and Output

13. Neville Buch. State of Affairs, ANZHES Newsletter May 2021

14. LM01529-2021

15. Dr Neville Buch Reply to LM01529-2021

16. Gmail – RE_ Would you be able to provide assistance for Policy Formation

17. Proposal for Bicentenary Queensland HSS Hub 22 June 2018

18. Pre-Proposal Meeting 22 June 2018


19. LFP – Presentation Illustrations Friday 22 June 2018

20. LFP – Presentation Text – Friday 22 June 2018

21. Looking to the Future for the Past Meeting Report 8 August 2018

22. Gmail – National Archives of Australia Funding Issue

23. The Public ALL Agreed. So, why don’t the political bastards “Get It”? : Communicative Action with Nick Carter.

24. The “Either-Or” Back-Fires: Australian Higher Education Can Not Do Creative Thinking…Yet.

25. Rights and Fairness: Response to the David Pindar Article.

26. Gmail – The Importance of the Participation

27. Gmail – Subscription cancellation notice

28. Gmail – New messages from Gren

What can be offered?

From my friends all I seek is support. Tell my story and ask whether such outlandish wrong should be addressed. If you believe you have something to say on the matter, the feedback box is below.

Dr Buch As A Professional Historian

Dr Buch As A Professional Historian


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